Top 10 Science Competitions 2016

    I am a big advocate of children childrenwithsafetyglassesbeing in charge  of their own learning and taking responsibility for their own journey of discovery; but this urge has to be nurtured, so it is paramount that parents get involved. Teachers can not do everything, parents have an important role to play.

So, what can you do?  I want to share something with you a list of the most interesting science competition that take place in America and worldwide. And no! You do  not need to be a scientist, if your child is passionate about it, his passion will drive you out of your comfort zone all the way to an online community or your local library.

Let’s begin! The States have a lot more going on in terms of promoting STEM amongst young people, nevertheless share this information with other parents and teaching professionals.

1. The Kavli Science Video Contest

2.The DuPont Challenge

3. Conrad Spirit of Innovation Challenge

4. FIRST Robotics Competition

5.Discovery Young Scientist Challenge

6.Team American Rocketry Challenge


8.Science Olympiad

9. The Tech Challenge

10.Future City



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