Forensics For Children

Children have access to all kinds of information these days, but what’s the purpose? I believe that the information that children and young people access should take them to a place of positive and productive thinking. Would you agree?

The title of this blog is forensics and you might be thinking how does this tie in with any positivity. Well, I am talking about outcomes. What if your child could engage in an activity that inspired him to aspire for more. Sometimes children and adults alike, get caught up in meaningless activities that have as the main objective to entertain while sidetracking us from what really matters. If you recognise this pattern, it’s time to do something about it.

Forensics is a big thing but why don’t allow your child to enter this world through play. Children are curious by nature and like to explore new things. Becoming a detective might sound silly to some however there is no limit to a child’s imagination. Play allows endless possibilities and merges into reality. Your child might start thinking about becoming what he plays.   Allow him to play with forensics. Is there such a thing for children in the first place? I have good news, there is!

I want to extend this invitation to all parents, carers and guardians who are looking for the kind of play that can shape your child’s mindset: a mindset of growth.

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CSI Peckham


3D Printing Course at L&Q

STEAM POWER delivered a four-week course in November. It was packed with very powerful information and Ben Kaggwa, our facilitator was on fire. The children loved it, five lucky children took part in SP’s first ever 3D Printing workshop. The workshop was put together with the intention of engaging children from diverse backgrounds. None of this would have been possible with the support of Create Education and the Lewington Centre. Have a look at this!


Ben Kaggwa speaking to one of the students
Student observes how everything works.
3D Pen
Does this pen work?
Black Kirby
Well done mate!
Proud student & proud Ben
Batman Forever
3D Printed Batman

3D Printing Is Hot, Get Your Child On The Craze

What is 3D printing?… I think it is self-explanatory, but let me explain. Your design a product using a decent computer software and you will be on your own to turn that into a real prototype.
After you create that first initial product, you will be thinking about how to turn it into a viable business. Is it needed? Does it solve a problem? So why not turn it into a business idea if it does.
What if I told you that this could be the beginning of your child’s entrepreneurial journey. Dreams can be as big as you want but you need to take the first step. STEAM POWER is inviting you to take this first step by taking part in its first 3D printing workshop where your child will be creating his first working pen. Follow the link to book your space:



Bringing stereotypes down!

 “Science is for boys!” Have you ever heard this before? If you were born after the Millennium, maybe not.

We need to change narratives, from a very young age, I already knew what I wanted to be when I  grew up. I wanted to be a doctor, not sure how I ended up becoming a teacher, maybe it was to do with the fact that my parents never conceived the idea of a Black woman as a doctor or,  was it because I did not have the potential? Either way, parents should restrain from passing opinions on their children’s career choices, especially if they are in primary school.

How do we start bringing those barriers down? My answer is simple, we need to create the spaces where children see the opposite of what they have been programmed to believe. Let us show them the Black inventors, the female inventors, the disable inventors… from different social classes, from different ideologies. Let’s have better and more productive conversations with our children.

Pick up toys that challenge the dominant narrative, think outside of the box and create your own toys, presentations or activities where your child finds himself in a space where he is welcome and does not have to justify his own existence or his own choices.


Top 10 Science Competitions 2018

    I am a big advocate of children childrenwithsafetyglassesbeing in charge  of their own learning and taking responsibility for their own journey of discovery; but this urge has to be nurtured, so it is paramount that parents get involved. Teachers can not do everything, parents have an important role to play.

So, what can you do?  I want to share something with you a list of the most interesting science competition that take place in America and worldwide. And no! You do  not need to be a scientist, if your child is passionate about it, his passion will drive you out of your comfort zone all the way to an online community or your local library.

Let’s begin! The States have a lot more going on in terms of promoting STEM amongst young people, nevertheless share this information with other parents and teaching professionals.

1. The Kavli Science Video Contest

2.The DuPont Challenge

3. Conrad Spirit of Innovation Challenge

4. FIRST Robotics Competition

5.Discovery Young Scientist Challenge

6.Team American Rocketry Challenge


8.Science Olympiad

9. The Tech Challenge

10.Future City



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